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December Critical Mass Broadcast Today!

2005 Dec 31 - 12:00pm
2006 Jan 1 - 12:00am

Year in Review

This month's broadcast will be a year in review, with the best in music and interviews from the Critical Mass member stations.

The schedule for this month is:

* 12-2pm - radioActive sanDiego
* 2-3pm - Michigan IMC
* 3-4pm - Portland Indymedia Radio

* 10pm-12am - Kill Radio, Los Angeles

convergencia radial del 26 de noviembre.

Submitted by radiozapote on Sat, 2005/11/26 - 3:02am.
varios temas materiales sonoros capsulas e intervenciaones en vivo. entre eloos el dia de no comprar nada, hablaremos, acerca de las implicaciones del exito y el uso de esta idea como valor, en mexico celebramos el aniversariodel centro de medios libres y haremos un foro radiofonicoacerca del uso de las tecnologias de la informacion y eluso de este conocimiento. haz el ruido con nosotros! NYC - August Sound Coalition - 1pm PST 4pm EST Michigan - 2pm PST 5pm EST San Diego - radioActive sanDiego - 4pm PST 7pm EST

November 2005 Coordinated Broadcast

2005 Nov 26 - 1:00pm
2005 Nov 26 - 11:00pm

Buy Nothing Day and More! // Dia de No Comprar Nada y Mas!

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Tune in to the Critical Mass Radio Network, Saturday November 26th on radioActive sanDiego. To listen online, click here. This month's broadcast will cover a variety of themes: from buy nothing day to anti-Thanksgiving day segments, from the meaning of Success for movements and individuals to how to deal with frustration.

The schedule for this month is:

NYC - August Sound Coalition - 1pm PST 4pm EST
Michigan - 2pm PST 5pm EST
San Diego - radioActive sanDiego - 4pm PST 7pm EST
Portland - PDX Indymedia Radio - 5pm PST 8pm EST
Los Angeles - Kill Radio - 6-8pm PST 9-11pm EST
Mexico City, D.F. - Radio Zapote - 9-11pm PST 12-2am EST

Broadcast this Saturday / Sintonizanos este Sabado

2005 Oct 29 - 12:00pm
2005 Oct 29 - 10:00pm

self-relaince as communities and individuals / autosustentabilidad como comunidades e individuos

[es, en below]

Sintonizanos este sabado en la transmision coordinada de la masa critica radiofonica para que te enteres de la informacion en el tema de la autosustentabilidad como individuos y comunidades con el desastre ecologico planetario alrededor de nosotros y las guerrras que continuan, este sera un espacio para refleccionar y hablar acerca del tema, movimientos alrededor del mundo estan organizandose en torno a la autonomia y la autogestion. sintonizanos para que escuches sus ideas a a travez de la red critical mass radio.
pronto colgaremos la agenda con los horarios de las estaciones.

Audio, Photos and Written Reports from Houston and New Orleans

Submitted by bradley on Sun, 2005/09/25 - 5:07pm.
On September 9th, Vinny and I arrived in Houston, Texas along with Blank from Portland, Oregon to provide aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The three of us headed to Houston to help with with independent media, including a low power fm radio station which was being organized for the Astrodome. Upon our arrival in Houston, we learned that the Astrodome emergency radio station was again being blocked from broadcasting information to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

We went to the Astrodome and spoke with people who were willing to speak with us. We listened to their experiences in the past and at the Astrodome. Please visit the following links for audio, photos and written reports published by Vinny, Blank and I.

atreaming from territorio zapatista

This weekend, Indymedia Chiapas
is producing a radio stream from the last in a series of meetings the
EZLN has been holding with civil society over the past two months. Listen to the raw stream from Chiapas, along with commentary and music from Mexico City, Sept. 16th thru Sept. 18th.

Called by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, thousands have
been attending a series of meetings in Chiapas, including collectives,
artistic groups and NGO's. Presentations have ranged from dry readings
to hip-hop performances and lottery games.

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