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106.9FM Threatened by FCC, Refuses to Comply

Enviado por lotu5 em Ter, 2005/08/09 - 1:40pm.

Around mid-day on August 2nd, the FCC issued a 24-hour demand for the shut-down of 106.9fm with a threat of a $10,000 fine. 106.9fm, one of two pirate radio stations operating in San Diego, has been reclaiming the airwaves for a little over one year. The FCC has visited the undisclosed location three times before, however never with such a serious threat.

This press release was emailed to radioActive sanDiego.

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2005 Jul 30 - 12:00pm
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Freedom / Libertad

radiozapote report 14-07-05

estamos transmitiendo en vivo el material de el encuentro de los jovenes por la autonomia, asi como el live act de la hora del moonra. la barranca, led zeppelin, queens of the stone age y lo imprevisto del repertorio.informacion acerca de el festival de las identidades juveniles de la uacm . audios de las mesas y entrevistas. haciendo ruido el jueves toda la noche se quedan con las capsulas de las frecuencias libres del mundo-

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