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Free Radio Santa Cruz

Freak Radio Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

101.1 FM

831-427-3772 (live in studio) or 831-427-4523 (voice mail)

Audio, Photos and Written Reports from Houston and New Orleans

Submitted by bradley on Sun, 2005/09/25 - 5:07pm.
On September 9th, Vinny and I arrived in Houston, Texas along with Blank from Portland, Oregon to provide aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The three of us headed to Houston to help with with independent media, including a low power fm radio station which was being organized for the Astrodome. Upon our arrival in Houston, we learned that the Astrodome emergency radio station was again being blocked from broadcasting information to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

We went to the Astrodome and spoke with people who were willing to speak with us. We listened to their experiences in the past and at the Astrodome. Please visit the following links for audio, photos and written reports published by Vinny, Blank and I.

Free Radio Santa Cruz Segment

2005 Apr 29 - 12:00pm

Free Radio Santa Cruz will brodcast from 12-2pm (PST) on April 29, 2005, as part of the Critical Mass Radio Network.

FRSC segment

2005 Mar 25 - 3:00pm
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