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represion at indigenous organization in oaxaca mexico

Sisters and Brothers of the world:

Today, July 20th 2005, at ten in the evening repression increases
the community “Trapiche La Soledad”- Sola de Vega.
Since yesterday July 19th San Cristobal – Sola de Vega authorities have
placed a patrol in the only roads that leads to the community of La

Two big wood trunks crossed by a thick chain were placed on the road,
about 20 – 30 people (including children), armed with rifles, clubs and
machetes, covering 10 -12 hours shifts, checking every vehicle that
to get through. The aim is to prevent any “comunero” from leaving the
place. Entry is permitted to anyone they please while our brothers and
sisters are kept hostage. With the blessing and protection of the local
police, this paramilitaries violate our human rights with total

We also denounce the death threats against CIPO-RFM members that coming
from the region and the coordinating committee; if any of us attempt to
pass they have orders to kill us.

About 50 Local Policemen came to the place but they just looked around
worse, joined the patrol and socialised with the participants.
Both groups are armed, paramilitaries and police.
The situation of the children, men and women in that community was
to the attention of Mr. Melchor Silva Lopez, the mayor of San
whose only answer was: “I do not know anything about it, the people
answer in the next public meeting”. But such a meeting has not taken
place, it has never happened before, it is just one more lie to
acting with total impunity with blessing of the government of the

The government delegate told our comrades that a meeting with the mayor
San Cristobal has been arranged but could not confirm that he will
the meeting regardless the gravity of the problem.

The death threats continue, the gun shots can be heard and the
that could bring some security are nowhere to be seen, the Government’s
Human Rights Committee has done nothing to prevent aggressions against
“comuneros” even having knowledge of this and other aggressions
when we starting denouncing the problem to them and the Courts of

In short, Oaxaca is no man’s land where everything moves around
interests, regardless of who you have to step over.

Today more than ever the lives of the “comuneros” of La Soledad and in
particular the members of CIPO-RFM are in danger.

All the mentioned above is known to the Governor of the State, MP’s,
Government Delegate, the Court of Justice of the State, the mayor of
Sola de Vega, the Government’s Human Rights Committee for Oaxaca, none
them have intervene towards a solution to the conflicts between this
communities, instead, the have tolerated, covered and protected the
aggressors in an attempt to attack and destroy the autonomous
processes in CIPO-RFM communities.

We declare Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of the state, Jorge Franco
Government Secretary, the president of the Oaxaca Congress and the
(Government’s Human Rights Committee) responsible for any acts of
that might follow.

We demand the intervention of the Mexican President, Vicente Fox, who
that Human Rights will be respected; and would like to let him know
the municipality of Sola de Vega’s president belongs to his party : PAN

For the reconstitution and free association of the peoples

Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca
“Ricardo Flores Magón”


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