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Low Power Radio Station - Brazil - Help

Submitted by Leonardo on Thu, 2005/06/23 - 6:49pm.

Hi everybody!!!

I worked for Home Theater magazine (Brazil) for 4 years, writing about jazz, blues, alternative rock and avant-garde releases. Now I'm interested in setting up a radio station in my community, and found out radio projects on internet (Prometheus Radio Org) - that seems to fit quite well on our Brazilian reality.

My purpose is to spread alternative cultural, political contents and social concern information.

I'd like to get more information about how to create my own low power radio station in Brazil.

I own:
- a desktop computer with a CD / DVD-recorder
- a 60GB hard-disk,
- an HP notebook (pavilion ZE 5600)60GB HD 2.8 Mhz
- a Sony Carroussel for 5 CDs
- a 2-channels/120 watts amplifier
- an Yamaha A 1 amplifier 7.1 channels
- 2 Power-Marantz MA 500
- 2 Infinity monitors
- an old Sansui pick-up
- an old double-cassete deck JVC
I'm waitting for reply. And' I am open to all of your questions! Thanx!



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