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Welcome to the new CMRN site

Submitted by mark B. on Mon, 2005/03/14 - 10:07am.

As you can see, the new CMRN site is up. Welcome. We're using CivicSpace—"free, open source tools for building thriving online communities." CivicSpace is a distribution of Drupal "community plumbing."

Currently the site is set up such that user accounts must be approved, i.e. only CMRN stations have site login access. Even that however is a decent sized community—eight community radio stations, and probably more in the future.

We're still using Los Angeles (Pacific) time as our default. I suppose this may change as the geographic center of the network fluctuates. Or we could switch to displaying UTF (GMT) time as the default. In any event, times are stored in the site database as UTF, and each user can choose her/his preferred timezone for input and display purposes.

Unfortunately there do seem to be a few remaining timezone-related bugs in the CivicSpace/Drupal event (calendar) module, but it appears that these will (eventually) be fixed with a new revamped event module.

Technically speaking, I think Drupal has some problems in being such a database and CPU intensive platform, compared to caching all content out to static HTML. But hopefully we can address this with a good MySQL configuration (using query caching etc.) and if necessary we can use the "throttling" feature to temporarily turn off parts of the site if/when traffic surges.

Overall I think we're in pretty good shape with CivicSpace and Drupal being in such active development. Now it's up to the users (and currently all the users are also admins) to create content and turn this place into a community...

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