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atreaming from territorio zapatista

This weekend, Indymedia Chiapas
is producing a radio stream from the last in a series of meetings the
EZLN has been holding with civil society over the past two months. Listen to the raw stream from Chiapas, along with commentary and music from Mexico City, Sept. 16th thru Sept. 18th.

Called by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, thousands have
been attending a series of meetings in Chiapas, including collectives,
artistic groups and NGO's. Presentations have ranged from dry readings
to hip-hop performances and lottery games.
Subcomadante Marcos announced "The Other Campaign" in the
Sixth Declaration from the Lacandon Jungle, a non-electoral alternative
to election-year politics.
The Sixth Declaration marks a divergence in Zapatista history.
While the rebel organization has always called for national and
international solidarity, it has limited its objectives to those
defined by the indigenous struggle. With this declaration their goals
have expanded to the recreation the left and the definition of a new
Having been trodden by political parties on the left and right, the
indigenous of Chiapas, and autonomists throughout Mexico, are saying
that there can be no electoral alternative. Following the Sixth
Declaration, Marcos released a series of heavy critiques of the Partido
Revolucion Democratica (PRD), Lopez Obrador, probable presidential
candidate of the same party, and electoral politics in general, cleanly
pushing politicians to the margins of the Other Campaign.
The mass media, including the national, and supposedly leftist paper, La Jornada, quickly demonstrated their allegiance by defending status quo politics and the PRD's candidate.

This weekend's meeting represents the conclusion of the initial phase of the Other Campaign. Full coverage at Indymedia Chiapas | Live radio

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