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bradley's blog

Audio, Photos and Written Reports from Houston and New Orleans

Submitted by bradley on Sun, 2005/09/25 - 5:07pm.
On September 9th, Vinny and I arrived in Houston, Texas along with Blank from Portland, Oregon to provide aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The three of us headed to Houston to help with with independent media, including a low power fm radio station which was being organized for the Astrodome. Upon our arrival in Houston, we learned that the Astrodome emergency radio station was again being blocked from broadcasting information to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

We went to the Astrodome and spoke with people who were willing to speak with us. We listened to their experiences in the past and at the Astrodome. Please visit the following links for audio, photos and written reports published by Vinny, Blank and I.

An Encuentro Against All Borders - Building a Radical No Border Movement

Submitted by bradley on Sat, 2005/09/03 - 5:55pm.
The No Border Encuentro took place on August 27-28th at the Sherman Heights Community Center in San Diego/Aztlan. Two days of events including a maquiladora tour, a benefit concert and a day of forums, panels and encounters took place with over 100 people from San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Orange County, Eugene, Portland, Tijuana, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia participating. On the walls hung photos of recent actions to stop the Minutemen, a poster of the PGA Hallmarks, and maps of Calexico, where the No Border Camp will be in September. [ Complete Summary, another account ]

Photos: Maquiladora Tour | Beats Against Borders | Encuentro

No Mas Rechazados, No al Plan Juárez en Oaxaca || No More Denied Students, No to Plan Juarez in Oaxaca

Submitted by bradley on Sat, 2005/09/03 - 5:22pm.
Me encuentro en la Plazuela del Carmen, entonces escucho susurros, que se hacen más fuertes. -"...educación primero al hijo del obrero, educación después al hijo del burgués...". Camino aprisa para encontrarme con la marcha de estudiantes de la UABJO (Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca), jóvenes no mayores de 25 años que caminan en dos filas, en medio de estas marcha la gente con pancartas, que acusan al rector Neri de utilizar el Plan Juárez, para disminuir la calidad de la educación, algunas de las propuestas de este plan son: privatizar la educación, aumento de cuotas, recorte de matriculas, eliminar el derecho de los estudiantes para poder elegir a su director, entre otras cosas. Lee más...

English Translation || Texto de Aviador || Fotos || Mas Fotos

Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico || Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México

Submitted by bradley on Mon, 2005/08/01 - 3:37pm.
Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico

ARTICLE and PHOTOS by Bradley

Last month, activists painted a huge red star in Mexico City’s Zocalo to help bring attention to the Red Alert issued by the EZLN. On July 31, 2005, activists in solidarity with the EZLN used a variety of tactics to educate people in downtown Coyoacan, Mexico City about the Sixth Declaration from the Lacandona Jungle and the ongoing Zapatista struggle for land, work, dignity, health, food, education and respect.

Policías Auxiliares en Huelga de Hambre en D.F. || Police on Hunger Strike in Mexico City

Submitted by bradley on Mon, 2005/08/01 - 3:29pm.
Policías Auxiliares en Huelga de Hambre en Mèxico D.F.

ARTICULO por Adriana
FOTOS por Braulio
TRADUCCION por Adriana y Braulio

28 Julio, 2005 - Bernardo, Guillermo y Miguel, son tres de cinco Expolicías Auxiliares del D.F. (México). Desde hace 23 días ellos viven en un campamento hecho de lonas y camas de unicel, en la plancha del Zócalo capitalino frente a la oficina del Jefe de gobierno, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)*, ya que el año 2000 AMLO decreto que las condiciones laborales de los policías iban a mejorar, que tendrían un salario justo, un buen servicio medico, y que la corrupción dentro de la institución se iba a terminar.

It was a Good Day

Submitted by bradley on Sat, 2005/07/23 - 5:33pm.
it is so much easier for me to take photos than it is to write a journal entry, or in this case, a blog entry. i've had journals at different times in my life, but i do not spend much time these days writing or typing about my thoughts and feelings. but i should. i think we all should, really. but, i usually feel that action takes precedence to reflection and planning.

i'm not sure where to begin, since this is my first blog entry on the critical mass radio network website. at about four in the morning on july 23, i was looking at the moon over the santa monica mountains and thinking about the many people that have used their time and knowledge to help me out. i was mainly thinking about technical support related to the internet.
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