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It was a Good Day

Submitted by bradley on Sat, 2005/07/23 - 5:33pm.
it is so much easier for me to take photos than it is to write a journal entry, or in this case, a blog entry. i've had journals at different times in my life, but i do not spend much time these days writing or typing about my thoughts and feelings. but i should. i think we all should, really. but, i usually feel that action takes precedence to reflection and planning.

i'm not sure where to begin, since this is my first blog entry on the critical mass radio network website. at about four in the morning on july 23, i was looking at the moon over the santa monica mountains and thinking about the many people that have used their time and knowledge to help me out. i was mainly thinking about technical support related to the internet.

Low Power Radio Station - Brazil - Help

Submitted by Leonardo on Thu, 2005/06/23 - 6:45pm.

Hi everybody!!!

I worked for Home Theater magazine (Brazil) for 4 years, writing about jazz, blues, alternative rock and avant-garde releases. Now I'm interested in setting up a radio station in my community, and found out radio projects on internet (Prometheus Radio Org) - that seems to fit quite well on our Brazilian reality.

My purpose is to spread alternative cultural, political contents and social concern information.

I'd like to get more information about how to create my own low power radio station in Brazil.

I own:
- a desktop computer with a CD / DVD-recorder
- a 60GB hard-disk,

working on this month's radioActive CMRN broadcast

Submitted by lotu5 on Wed, 2005/04/27 - 1:38pm.

Hey there,

Djette aporetics and I are working on putting together a bunch of things we've done this month and doing some new interviews for the topic of "Mayday and Labor".

We're going to have segments about:

- Maquiladoras in Tijuana
- SD City Living Wage Ordinance
- UCSD Living Wage Strike
- Radio Insurgente
- The History of Mayday

and we'll be throwing in plugs here and there for borderHack 2.005...

Make Media, Make Trouble

Submitted by bradley on Fri, 2005/04/22 - 5:49pm.
Santa Cruz Indymedia

Free Radio Santa Cruz

photo by: Karen Martin

Welcome to the new CMRN site

Submitted by mark B. on Mon, 2005/03/14 - 10:07am.

As you can see, the new CMRN site is up. Welcome. We're using CivicSpace—"free, open source tools for building thriving online communities." CivicSpace is a distribution of Drupal "community plumbing."

Currently the site is set up such that user accounts must be approved, i.e. only CMRN stations have site login access. Even that however is a decent sized community—eight community radio stations, and probably more in the future.

We're still using Los Angeles (Pacific) time as our default. I suppose this may change as the geographic center of the network fluctuates. Or we could switch to displaying UTF (GMT) time as the default. In any event, times are stored in the site database as UTF, and each user can choose her/his preferred timezone for input and display purposes.

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