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June 22, 2013

NH Making Waves: 437 - Standing Against Crimes of the State, Segment 1

News You Need to Know: Standing Against the Criminal State; The Taylor Report: Syrian Chemical Weapons; Between the Lines interview: Pres Obama Arming Syrian Rebels; Between The Lines interview: NSA Surveillance Program; NH Gazette Fortnightly Rant: Game of Phones; music.

Paradise Ridge & A Dead Mule: Vacuumed Resonator, Segment 1

This show was recorded June 6th, the day the first Furious George show on the NSA metadata scandal, and it borrows liberally from the sound bites collected on that show. Lots of heavy rock, punk, experimental, space, prog rock, plus a dash of Hip Hop at the end

Mideast Madness: Good Times LTTE, Segment 1

My response to Gil Stein is published in Good Times Santa Cruz; Gaza fishermen harassed by Israeli navy; Christian Zionists and religious Israelis, music.

Building Bridges: NYC Municipal Workers Demand Fair Contracts , Segment 1

Recorded Live! City Workers Starved Under Bloomberg Send Message to Mayoral Candidates They Demand Fair Contracts Thousands of N.Y.C. municipal employees, including health care, education, transit sanitation, communication, and public housing workers - the diverse category of workers who make NYC run, filled City Hall Park demanding new labor contracts. NYC's more than 300,000 employees have spent up to four years working under expired union contracts, without any wage increase to keep pace with inflation, while Mayor Bloomberg contends salary increases, and retroactive pay would blow a massive hole in the city's budget. Meanwhile, Bloomberg's predicted budget deficits each year have actually ended with billions in surpluses, while he continues to give billions in contracts to high-priced consultants and outside contractors, some of whom have been marked by fraud and incompetence. So, now municipal workers demand a new deal from a new Mayor in the new year.

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